We are honored to offer the specialized services of Dr. Shannon Rich and Dr. Randy Willer, orthopedic surgeons. These gentlemen are working with us to provide orthopedic care that we have not been able to offer in the recent past. This allows your pet to have necessary surgery here at our facility with Dr. Rich or Willer performing the surgery. Then your pet's follow up care can be provided by our general staff. We feel strongly that this is a huge benefit for our clients and patients.

Here at the Brighton Animal clinic we offer many types of surgery.Including routine canine / feline spay and neuter, eyelid surgery such as entropion or ectropion, Cherry Eye surgery, feline declaws, tail docks and dewclaws (on puppies only).

Our recommendation for any spay or neuter is at approximately 6 months of age, however for any healthy animal it is never too late to have the procedure done.

Also, when an elective surgery is scheduled such as a growth removal, the Brighton Animal clinic can provide the option of submitting the growth for Histopathology which is recommended whenever a growth is removed.

Anesthesia is another important part of surgery; therefore at the Brighton Animal clinic we follow a strict protocol using pre-anesthesia injectables, induction injectables with inhalant maintenance.During each surgery we use specific monitoring of our patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature.


Performing dentals on pets has become more recognized as a great way to keep our loved ones happy and healthy.The power of a dental is that it helps maintain and target healthy teeth, preventing dental disease and gingivitis.We also know that clean teeth help enhance the longevity of the heart and general health.The Brighton Animal Clinic is able to provide our patients with an ultrasonic scaling, polish and fluoride treatment and with the knowledge of our staff we are able to diagnosis problem teeth using our digital dental x-ray unit.The x-ray unit allows us to visualize what is happening below the gum line exposing the condition of the bone involved.Because the condition of our patients’ teeth is important to us, we highly recommend giving your pet yearly dental exams.Not only will your pet appreciate a clean mouth but you will too!

Digital Radiographs

Performing radiographs may occur as an emergency or as part of a routine appointment.And here at the Brighton Animal Clinic we are happy to offer the convenience of a digital radiograph with ease and promptness.Our system allows us to communicate with other clinics conveniently and effectively with the simplicity of email and/or compact disc.

In House Lab work

The Brighton Animal Clinic offers in house lab work for convenience for both you the owner and us the doctors.In house lab work allows us to be efficient when dealing with sick pets so we can give your pet the help it needs promptly.Examples of in house lab work we offer include: a fecal, urinalysis, blood work for surgery or a wellness exam.The Brighton Animal Clinic is proud to be able to offer this service for our clients and patients.

Blood Allergy Testing:

The Brighton Animal Clinic works closely with VARL (Veterinary Allergy Reference Laboratory) to help diagnose allergy issues.This test is a simple blood draw that the staff at the Brighton Animal Clinic is happy to handle.After the blood draw we then submit the blood to VARL and they send back a detailed allergen report.Each pet’s results determine the action to help control the allergies.For instance, a food allergy can be handled by simply changing the type of food you’re feeding.If your pet is allergic to weeds, trees and or grasses an anti-serum can be made specifically for your pets needs.

Senior Wellness

At the Brighton Animal Clinic we recognize that as pets get older they require some extra care.It is important to be knowledgeable about your geriatric’s health with regard to blood work, arthritis and exercise needs.The Brighton Animal Clinic recommends yearly exams and blood work for any pet 7 years or older.

ICSB Canine Reproduction

Behind the scene at Brighton Animal Clinic is the ICSB Canine Reproduction center.Dr Sheri Beattie and CVT Jami Revier are the two primary contacts.Dr Chad Martin and CVT Chantal Freeland can also be of assistance.For more information please visit the web site at


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